Feminine Energy Reset


Learn how to attract your partner through tapping into your feminine energy. I will show you ways to reset your energy. To attract the mate you are looking for, fill more feminine and let the man do the hunting.

Let's tap into your divine feminine energy, together.
• Change aggressive behaviors
• Learn how to be a little bit more submissive.
• Feel more Womanly girly sexy
• Feel Confident
• Learn the art of flirting to attract your partner

Duration & Pricing

Let's get grounded together; I am here to show you how powerful your femininty is!

If you are interested in coaching with me, click the contact me below. Fill out contact form, which tells me more about you and your dating life, I will contact you by email or phone. You will schedule a free 30 min session(video call, phone cal), I will design a 1 on 1 coaching plan just for your dating goals and we'll get started. 

♡ Two 30 minute sessions