About Carolyn


My Story

My name is Carolyn Savage. I am passionate about helping you fall in love again or for the first time. I want you to find that dating is easy when you have a little help. As your Dating Coach, I will help you get back out there and date and challenge you toward finding the love you desire. I will customize a 1 on 1 coaching program designed just for you!

In my career as a natural hair stylist; 12-hour work days provided more than enough clientele and money but no time to see my son or date.  I was overwhelmed and stuck in my success and I wanted out! I became sick and hospitalized for three weeks; this downtime changed my life forever. I made a commitment to slow down, design the life I wanted, feel my desired feelings with someone I love. I was referred to a “people pleaser” Life Coach that I didn’t even know I needed, she helped me to find a clear vision for my new life.


I started working two days a week, and put living first, myself first. I started dating and I finally feel in control.

Life for me is so different now that I am in touch with my core desired feelings not my accomplishments or what others think of me. I want to help you get there to your place of joy, bliss, peace.

I started coaching friends, family and my hair clients on this new way of designing their life and getting unstuck. Everyone said “you should be a life coach”, so here I am. I’ve been a Life Coach for 5 years now. I love coaching, to see someone go from frustrated and confused about their dating life to confident and in control, makes me feel amazing.


I can visualize my clients outcome when sometimes they can’t. Working with me will change how you date and how you feel about it. I can’t wait to help you go on dates and find the relationship you desire!


Once you fill out the connect with me form that tells me more about your dating life, I will contact you by email or phone, you will get a free 30 min session(video call or phone call), then we'll get started on your 1 on 1 coaching plan.

1 on 1 Date Coaching helps you get clear on the type of partner you want to attract.We will pull up our sleeves and delve deep into what you have always wanted in a partner, not just "the List". Discover the right man or woman for you, not the “perfect man”, "perfect woman".


Discover your core desired feelings

How do you want to feel in a relationship, bet you really never think about that when you are on a first date. I will get you thinking in the right direction.


Learn steps to attract your partner.

Each session will help you get closer to attracting love into your life, the art of flirting, letting go, how to make dating easy.


Identify dating and relationship blocks

We are getting deep again. We will look back at past relationship mistakes, emotional experiences that may have you stuck, old dating and relationship patterns. I'll help you change your dating mindset.


I will create an actionable plan to focus on YOU and your goals.

After each session I will give you actionable homework that will help get you closer to meeting the love of your life.

My Approach